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Los Roques Venezuela.

Los Roques a National Park, The Archipelago Los Roques is located 85 miles north of Caracas (the capital of Venezuela) and 180 miles West of Margarita Island. This Marine Park has over 350 islands and keys of coral reef origin with white coral sand beaches and crystal clear blue-green waters. 

Los Roques is a perfect sailing ground with a steady breeze blowing all year around, there is plenty of beautiful bays and natural lagoons to anchor in.

The water is always warm and with an incredible underwater scenery, the perfect setting to enjoy snorkeling or swimming after after a wonderful cruise.

The old Lighthouse on grand Roques.>

This Archipelago comprises of huge rocks and coral reefs surrounding a central lagoon therefore it is always calm waters no matter how strong the wind is a unique area for sailing. 

The main island is Gran Roque, move the mouse across the top of the map, to the very northeast. Gran Rogue with its unpaved landing strip and its permanent fishing village and small hotels or posadas as they are called. Los Rogues Archipelago was declared National Park in 1972 in order to protect wildlife in its terrestrial and aquatic areas, specially its many species of birds: Pelican, Frigates, sea gulls, white herons + many more. The underwater world is abundant with Red snappers, King Mackerel, Groupers, Turtles, Carites, Lobster, Botuto or Queen Conch and hundreds of different species of Crabs. 


East of Gran Roque you find the islands of Francisky here you have two island joined by a strip of sand creating a huge natural lagoon, La piscina is one of the greatest places for snorkeling with is protected clear waters.

Beach life on the islands of Franciskey.>

To the southwest is the island of Crasqui here it is possible to rent windsurfers and hobie cats at favorable prices. Crasqui has the largest formations of conch seen anywhere in the Caribbean.

The eastern part of the barrier reef with it is a large area of mangrove trees takes you to Boca Sebastopol the very southeastern part of the archipelago. A fast and smooth beam reach with full sails takes you there.  Other places of interest is to the very southwest, to the islands of Dos Mosquises and Cayo de Agua. Here the Foundation Scientifico has its turtle farm maintained by the authorities of Los Roques. 

The island of Carenero to the northwest is worthwhile a visit, Isla Carenero probably has the most beautiful anchorage in all of the Caribbean according to Donald M. Street* and others who have visited the Island. 

Esiquel, one of the few fishermen who still lives in Carenero.> 

Espenqui and Cayo Sal, with its blue lagoons and dazzling white sand its ideal for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, skin diving, or just anchored close up enjoying the warm crystal waters.

Isla Sarkey has the most beautiful lagoon with a perfect reef for snorkeling and swimming, fishing is excellent just in front of the island.

Come and explore for yourselves, most of the small islands do not have a name and when the tide is low, new ones appear. 


Los Roques has it all... discover the rest and enjoy what the Caribbean was like 30 years ago.

Los Roques, where human and nature meets. 


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*Donald street is the author and writer of the cruising guides to the Eastern Caribbean. He has sailed in these waters for more than 30 years.   






lighthouse gran roques










beach life in franciski los roques









A typical fisherman from Los Roques


Los Roques Cayo de AquaLos Roques, SarkyLos Roques, Crasqui and San AgustinLos Roques, Boca del Medio

Los Roques, Dos Mosquises y Cayo SalLos Roques, Boca de CoteLos Roques, Boca Sebastopol
Map of Los Roques Venezuela (Spot image)

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los roques seen from the air fransisqui



snorkeling in la piscina franciski francisqui




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