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is your cook and hostess during your cruise en Los Roques, she makes excellent Italian, Creole, and Japanese. Her specialty is pasta with lobster that only can be made in Los Roques in the lobster season.  Fresh homemade bread "a la Danes" is  made almost everyday ready for breakfast. Remember any suggestions is welcome on board. Her talent is unique, and she has some of the best recommendations of all the charter boats in Los  Roques. Elisabeth will also make you that exquisite cocktail that you only have seen people having on films, off-cause in the right moment. Elisabeth is also a good chef and she will take the  wheel whenever it is needed.  Make sure you do not bring any sand from the  beach back to the boat otherwise dinner will not be ready when you feel it is time to eat. Iveth speaks Spanish, Italian and a some English.




Kids are very welcome onboard and you will enjoy a new kind of vacation where your kids entertain themselves in the most exiting way, they will not be bored and you will find some time for yourself. The only problem is that they one day might want to go sailing on there own.


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Spirit of Obsession

Sailing under sail with
the trade wind from
star port side. The wind
blows steady all year
around and it hardly

ever rains.

Sailing is pleasant and

you never have to worry

about the hurricane

season, which is a 

problem in the northern


The best cruising ground in the southern caribbean.


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