obsession your sailboat in venezuelaYour personal charter boat in los roques          


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Sailing Yacht "Spirit of Obsession"
Photo taken by Henrik Bratfeldt
with "fish eye" lens from a
vantage point at the top of the
mast. He was lifted there by
the main halyard winch.

Obsession © 1995-2013 


Enjoy an unforgettable cruise on the Sailing Yacht Spirit of Obsession in the Caribbean Sea with base in the islands of Los Roques Venezuela.
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Beautiful Venezuela has much to offer.
She has more Caribbean coastline than any other country and she has many a tiny little islands of breathtaking beauty scattered about.
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Venezuela is inexpensive, unspoiled and inhabited by charming, friendly people.

OK, now feel free to walk on the deck,
see who's surfing and what's inside
the yacht.


Click things on the photo
on the left...



La Capitana and chef of 
the "Spirit of Obsession"
welcomes You on board. Iveth Jackelin Garcia to the right. 


Your sailboat in Los RoquesYour personal charter boat in Los Roques Venezuela

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